HyperFormance is a synthetic direct emulsion fluid designed to enhance ROP and replace traditional diesel based mud. This is a water based fluid, with either brine or freshwater as the primary phase.


• Reusable water based system, eliminating dependence
on diesel.
• Simple, with 4 products comprising the system. Can be
built in the plant or on site.
• Prevents washout in salt formation & increase in fluid
density from dissolved salts
• Able to achieve lower fluid density to prevent loss
circulation in depleted zones
• Typical 4 string casing design to cover salts can be
reduced to a 3 string design
• Lowest possible mud weights for saturated brine based
slurry and freshwater based slurry are 8.7 ppg and 7.8
ppg respectively with max mud weights as high as 15.0
ppg for each.

The synthetic phase of this system
is biodegradable and non-toxic.
(Tested in standard biodegradation
assay (OECD 301F))

Days vs. Depth ( 1 Mile Laterals )

• Each well had a similar
intermediate shoe depth and mud
weight used for the lateral
• Both HyperFormance jobs
decreased drilling days by 2‐6 days
to ~15,600 ft MD.
• HyperFormance Well 1 was drilled
in 1 run using the curve assembly

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